Friday, December 17, 2010

Here's some things happening in my life lately:

I got into the perioperative program (OR training), then just a few days ago found out that I didn't pass the online portion to move onto my full-time practicum. I was sad and upset as I didn't reapply for a position at VGH because I thought I was leaving. I also put on too much pressure on myself and never really got into the content- and doing an online course while working full-time is challenging! After the day I found out I just felt content, and that everhing would work out. So- now it seems I get to keep my current job (same line) and get to work with the most amazing staff at VGH! Who knows where the next path will take me...maybe homecare nursing or public health?

I think I may have to move. My allergies have been terrible and I get sick often. Johann seems immune to it all. We had a leak from a tub in the suite next door to us and the carpet got soaked- everything got fixed, just waiting to get the carpet cleaned (big water stain). I think living with carpet is not good for my health. So, since I won't be immersed in this program we might be looking for a new place to live. Possibly in a different neighborhood.

I do love my neighborhood- I live close to my sister and brother-in-law (Jamie) and my nephew plus close to my good friend Meliss and her husband. JOhann is now sharing a warehouse space to use for his model planes/blasting his music with Mel's husband and his brother (both of them are Jamie's brothers). I have been reconnecting with a friend I hadn't seen in 10 years who lives close to the hood. I also love the local library and community center- it's brand new and amazing!

I have decided to both buy and make christmas presents for everyone this year. I haven't really got into the gift aspect of the season, however I did decorate for Christmas back in November!

Johann and I are going to the Okanagan for Christmas! Two nights at the local ski hill with my friends Hil and Adrien. Then one night with my parents...

Monday, October 4, 2010

New season

the scandinave spa we retreated to in whistler...

It's been a while. Summer has come and gone and we're into my favorite season:Autumn. The brightly colored leaves, the chill in the air and the sunshine...something is different in the air: a new season of those starting school and new phases of life. My life is shifting as Johann is officially moving in! He has decided to get a storage locker for his model plane stuff, tools, extras as the one bedroom we share is not huge though I am a fan of the many closets.

I have been trying to make our place into a happy home- we have Johann's computer now, my mac tower I was using died so I decided to purchase a refurbished macbook! it arrives sometime this week and I am desperate to have my own computer again:) I am officially addicted to loving my first month free: favorite shows include Intervention, Hoarders, Drop dead diva....who knows what show I will watch next!

Joahnn and I just got back from an amazing weekend trip to Whistler where we ziplined, went to dinner at Araxia and on sunday we took in the Scandinave spa. What a nice refreshing end to our weekend.Picures to come later!And now I am at work working the first of 3 night shifts.

Looking forward to two turkey dinners next weekend: one with Johann's family and one with mine. Rach and Kris are hosting this year in their brand-new town house! Should be fun- baby Oscar (My nephew) and Oliver (rach's weiner dog) and all the husbands/boyfriend will be there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Been a while...

10 things I've been up to lately:

1. Spending time with my adorable nephew Oscar.

2.Spending Lots of time with my new boyfriend- he's Icelandic and I love that he's a crane operator who loves adventure. We've been zip lining in Whistler, on a ropes challenge course in Revelstoke, with plans for paragliding in August...perhaps I will ride on the glider with him once he's recertified...So- life is never dull with Johann. My parents love him, and I spent some time with his family at a cabin outside Kamploops last week: so much fun!

3. Went on a solo trip to the Olympic national park- saw several rain forests and hiked to some natural hotsprings.

4. Went to sasquatch music festival- had to get 4 stitches on the first day ( my little pinkie was bleeding from a knive wound when I was cooking at my campsite. Got the hospital bill: $1,071!! Filling out insurance paperwork now one month later!

5. I went to Denver,Co on my birthday to a Univera convention and got inspired, had fun and saw the Corporate team including the Korean founder! Danced at an 80's party that night.

6. Planting a garden- then Jen and jamie moved leaving our garden behind for the next tenants.

7. Been biking to work everyday- but I need to start doing it for fun- 10th ave everyday is nice but I need more. I need a sport: tennis anyone?

8. Had my first preceptorship student for 2 months. Learned lots about leadership and got to share my knowledge with her and learn from her as well.

9. Been doing lots of baking! Jennica gave me a cupcake cookbook for my birthday.

10. Using skype a lot-saving $$ on long distance charges. thinking of getting the new i-phone- face to face skype on it! Okay this is a lame number 10....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pics from the Atlantic house during Olympics

So I ventured to Granville island and enjoyed the Atlantic house to celebrate PEI day. I met one local from summerside, PEI (Jordan) and his friend Erik from New Brunswick. They'd met at U of A in Sacville, NB. We waited in line at backstage lounge, shared some beers, appies and then we had a Screech together (a famous east coast shot)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

What I've realized so far....

Went to see my mom's family in Tacoma,Wa this past weekend. I realized some things:

1. I am so much like my aunt Judy. I love to make jewelry; in the past she used to make decorative buttons, used a loom on a regular basis and she still knits. She is an adament recycler; I remember her yelling at us as kids if we threw out a can or bottle. Today I recycle nearly everything I consume and I cringe every-time someone chucks paper or a bottle in the trash. Yikes! She has traveled around the world and tells me she has no regrets. I am starting to get the travel bug and am thinking of teaching nursing as a volunteer in Bangledesh, India. Judith is currently on radiation and chemotherapy for her brain cancer (tumor removed in December) she has fiestyness and fire in her eyes to experience life in all it's fullness and I believe I am following suit. Judith and her Bill

2. I keep on having dreams about Alaska. I watch Northern exposures old dvd's every chance I get (from the library).One night I had a vivid dream I was on a cruise there with my close family and friends and the band "the be good tanyas" were playing. One of my visions for my life is that I end up there to visit. Well, my grandpa and my uncles have all fished in Alaska multiple times, they say the fishing is unbelievable. Grandpa subscribes to Alaska magazine and they have fond memories of the state. Grandpa and Uncle Steve

3. I am so lucky to have my amazing family in the US. I love each of them. My cousin Callie owns and operates her business with her mom (My aunt Pat) in Tacoma: Aparently gay men love their store.. Callie and aunt Pat on Sat in their store...

Jake, Judith Jennica and I at Jude's house

Sunday, January 31, 2010

from another blog....

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater--give her sperm she will make a baby, give her a house she will give you a home, give her groceries she will give you a meal, give her a smile she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if you give her any ......crap, be ready for a ton of sh*t.

Love it

Friday, January 15, 2010

rain rain please go away

Lately it's been raining so much that I feel like it's literally dampening people's spirits. Even up in the ski hills they are getting rain, turning the snow to slush. Not good considering the Olympics are coming next month. But you know what, I'll bet you that come Feb the sun will shine, the air will be crisp and there will be fresh snow on the hills! People will come from all over the world and see how beautiful the west coast of Canada is. The music will be amazing, and there's going to be world class athletes in our city of Vancouver! The hospital will be busy (keep those broken bones and head injuries to a minimum athletes:) and on my days off I will be heading to a transformed David Lam Park (used to be all grass but they've put in bricks for the many feet to tread on it) I hope they restore the grass back we need our green space!!

On an other note we need the rain to keep the ground lush and green (but we don't need this much!)

A friend of my roomate and mine is staying with us for a few days to work at a Starbucks venue...

Oh and another random moment I ran into Henrik Sedin on the sea wall with his little son. I didn't talk to him I just gawked. Funny I don't even watch the Canucks but I know who the twins are (cause I'm a twin). Now I am paying a little more attention to the Canucks lately, thanks to Henrik:)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010


2010: Happy new year everyone! A time to start off fresh, a time to reflect back on the past year. 2009 I feel like I experienced some new things and along with that I feel I am a changed person. As of now, 2010 I am content with my group of friends and family around me but I am hoping to meet more people from Vancouver. I am starting to spend more time with people from work. I actually spent new years eve with one of my co-workers, his roomate and a few friends of theirs. It was a great time- a 2 year old was even included in our celebrations. I even got 5 new year's kisses on my cheeks from 5 gentlemen. In the morning the boys even made us all breakfast- bacon and pancakes! They were considering doing the polar bear swim but reconsidered after it was pouring down rain and windy.

I started a new book that I love so much I was already in tears by the first few pages. "the history of love" by Nicole Krause. It was recommended to me but 2 good friends of mine and reading it makes me love them even more!

I am going to do either a hip hop class and/or a pilates class starting this month- there's a new community center that just opened in my neighborhood. I am loving being in Vancouver- excited for the OLympics to come!!

I love having a roomate- tho she's hardly ever home always at her boyfriends place. She's a good friend who I love and she knows me well.

I am going to be an aunt in March! my twin sister is pregnant.

I am loving being at VGH- i will be doing some courses hopefully starting this month. I am starting to think about specialties and what I want to do. I applied to do travel nursing as I am hoping to spend a month in the east coast of Canada working this summer. The ocean, neat accents, great shows to check out, and fun people to meet!

Here's some pics from christmas:

My "food belly" and jennica's is the real deal