Friday, December 29, 2006

my new hair cut...


self-portrait, originally uploaded by KeeganS.

my parents and I went cross country skiing today up to Nickel Plate Nordic center. It was clear, blue skies, a little wind, fresh snow, and freshly groomed trails - the best! so enjoy this batch of photos....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

rach and cha cha

rach and cha cha, originally uploaded by KeeganS.

christmas eve pics- click on this one for more!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

perfect shot.....

perfect shot....., originally uploaded by KeeganS.

This is my dad and uncle Bruce on christmas day- we had dinner with the fam in Twsassin (can't spell that). Cick on pic for more on my flickr account.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

the list

Okay so I had to get this out on paper (then onto xanga) it was driving me nuts (if anyone thinks of anymore let me know!)

Snow: 1. Very quiet- almost makes no sound at all. When it snows it's like it's the quietest it's ever been.
Rain: 1.. Loud- I can hear it from inside my house. The sound makes one pull the covers over one's head, go back to bed and do nothing all day.
Snow: 2. Makes pretty white fluffy stuff that kids makes snowballs out of and make snow angels.
Rain: 2. Makes big puddles that kids and kids alike can jump in. Sometimes cars make puddles splash nto pedestrians. Makes the grass green and plants lush.
Snow: 3. Always takes us by surprise every year- only comes in winter months sometimes sooner than expected but always unexpected.
Rain. 3. We expect it every year throughout the year.
Snow 4. Requires trucks to drop sand and plow snow to clear the roads. Causes lots of accidents- ppl here don't know how to drive in this stuff.
Rain: 4. Sometimes people hydroplane - visibility is limited when it's raining and dark.
Snow; 5. ppl get excited/scared/happy when it snows!
Rain: 5. Ppl sigh, feel depressed or nothing at all when it rains (again)
SNow: 6. Can stop a game of soccer/football.
Rain: 6. "Rain or shine" doesn't stop most sports- the muddier the better:)
Snow: 7. PPl talk about it more
Rain: 7. Pple grow tired and weary of talking about it- b/c it always rains anyways- nothing new...
Snow: 8. harder to ride a bicycle in
Rain 8. Unpleasant but possible to cycle in the rain (I did it for 3 years living in Victoria)
Snow 9. We always remember the day/week it first snowed that year.
Rain 9. Where does it start or end?
Snow 10. need good snow tires for it
Rain 10. All-seasons will do
Snow 11. usually doesn't affect your house
Rain 11. Can flood your basement.
Snow 12. Causes many heart attacks of older people (and those out of shape) shovelling snow.
Rain 11. Helps alleve many allergy symptoms and better for asthma sufferers.


1. Both need "slippery when wet" signs in stores
2. require waterproof jackets and umbrellas
3. makes us run- fast!
4. Requires the top up on the convertable
5. end up as a puddle
6. get your car wet
7. affect flying and driving coditions
8. affect radio reception
9. require windshield wipers and defrost in your car
10. Can evoke more poetry and/or lyrics (case in point: the wheels in my head are turning right now and it's been snowing...)

Friday, December 22, 2006

going back in time...

I am sitting here at my parents house and I found some older (few months) pictures from thanksgiving this year, and from my grandma's birthday this summer.In a couple of the pics I have a walking stick (not a cane) due to an injury I had from all the hiking I did this summer (putting too much weight on my left leg). Who knows what kind of shape I will be in for hiking next season- for now I will be cross country sking:)

Me, my cousin Vanessa and my sister Rachel

The Suttie girls

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

jennica likes the high scores...

jennica likes the high scores..., originally uploaded by KeeganS.

Jennica and I spent monday afternoon in vancouver- we shopped, went to Granville island, had dinnner on commercial drive, and went to a poetry slam where we were randomly selected to be one of the five judges (we were asked to judged poetry!? It was a fun day for sure...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

partying with the stars

000_0600, originally uploaded by KeeganS.

I went to our young adults christmas dinner. It was fun- I sat with a table full of guys - and our table won this dvd game called "scene it" it was awesome I think I made a name for myself with my performance (being able to name that actor, or crazy movie facts...)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

hmmm what didn't I do today?

wrote my last final, registered online for next semester, made christmas cards from starbucks cups and sleeves, painted an Anne gettes painting black (been meaning to do that for a while), made a birthday card for Donie my sponsored child from India, did the dishes- twice, watched season 2 disk 3 for Lost on dvd, made chocolate chip cookies, watched dora the explorer with zave......oh and just finished watching pirates of the carribean 2:) Oh and I did some e-mailing too. ok time for bed now...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thursday, December 7, 2006

the tree (minus the lights)

the tree (minus the lights), originally uploaded by KeeganS.

I decided to decorate my room with christmas cheer (seeing as I will be spending most of my time here studying for finals!)

Click on the pic to see a few more...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

my study time

okay so I decided to take pictures of myself studying, therefor I must be procrastinating even more! But, alas by wed the 13th I will be done. IN the meantime I am getting through the psych content, immigrant issues, homelessness, ect the list goes on and on. On a positive note: I got a really good mark on my debate in my ethics class, and my situational transitions paper on homelessness and the elderly I got a pretty decent mark. So I am encouraged to do well on my finals! BTW I don't normally study on my bed- it's just for the self timer on my camera- I prefer the desk!

Friday, December 1, 2006

christmas staff party at the Copper Room

000_0563, originally uploaded by KeeganS.

Click on this photo for more....I had so much fun- I got Michele to come with me (so Damien stayed home to put Z to bed). I think that all moms deserve a night out with one of their good friends and sometimes I forget that Michele doesn't have many chances to hang out people outside of the house (I live with her and Damien but I am thinking that maybe I need to take Michele out more often). At the Harrison Hotsprings Hotel at the Copper Room we have a nice buffet- I had lobster for the first time, ate amazing food (lots of seafood, mini potatoes, salads, chicken, and yummy lemon deserts!). I got home at a decent hour as I have to be up at 5 am for work tomorrow am. I am glad I got Michele to come with me tonight. Oh- and I work at a nursing home for those of you who didn't know- I work on the weekends and I love it!