Sunday, January 3, 2010


2010: Happy new year everyone! A time to start off fresh, a time to reflect back on the past year. 2009 I feel like I experienced some new things and along with that I feel I am a changed person. As of now, 2010 I am content with my group of friends and family around me but I am hoping to meet more people from Vancouver. I am starting to spend more time with people from work. I actually spent new years eve with one of my co-workers, his roomate and a few friends of theirs. It was a great time- a 2 year old was even included in our celebrations. I even got 5 new year's kisses on my cheeks from 5 gentlemen. In the morning the boys even made us all breakfast- bacon and pancakes! They were considering doing the polar bear swim but reconsidered after it was pouring down rain and windy.

I started a new book that I love so much I was already in tears by the first few pages. "the history of love" by Nicole Krause. It was recommended to me but 2 good friends of mine and reading it makes me love them even more!

I am going to do either a hip hop class and/or a pilates class starting this month- there's a new community center that just opened in my neighborhood. I am loving being in Vancouver- excited for the OLympics to come!!

I love having a roomate- tho she's hardly ever home always at her boyfriends place. She's a good friend who I love and she knows me well.

I am going to be an aunt in March! my twin sister is pregnant.

I am loving being at VGH- i will be doing some courses hopefully starting this month. I am starting to think about specialties and what I want to do. I applied to do travel nursing as I am hoping to spend a month in the east coast of Canada working this summer. The ocean, neat accents, great shows to check out, and fun people to meet!

Here's some pics from christmas:

My "food belly" and jennica's is the real deal

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