Monday, April 15, 2013

In the last 2 weeks I have:

1.   booked my wedding venue (the fort national historic site in fort langley,bc)

2. hired our wedding planner

3.  gone to 3 wedding shows
 4.made the invitations and rsvp cards (just need to be printed) at 

5. gave our first deposit to our wedding photographer

6. looked at 4 townhouses for sale

7. started taking up yoga (did 3 classes this week) at

8. Managed to drag Johann with me to a yoga class last night (zen candle-lit yoga) AND he loved it! 

9. celebrated my nephew's third birthday

10.  scheduled pre-marital counselling and arranged the same  to officiate our wedding

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life's happenings

It's been a while since I've posted on here. Here's the latest in my life: 1. I got engaged in August to a wonderful man- Johann. He popped the question on a gondola ride in Whistler. Ever since I've been planning the wedding mostly in my head- but I'm going to start writing down all my plans- date is planned for Sept 7, 2013. MY idea so far: family ranch near kamloops,bc (closer to chase) it's a house on a private lake with acres of land to have fun adventures on. We plan to rent ATV's for our guests, put up a volleyball net, have boat rides for the kids (battery-powered it;s a small lake). PLanning to have a bbq after the vows and possibly some live entertainment (we can make as much noise as we want as we are in the boonies! We plan to ask our guests to bring tents, sleeping bags, ect and we'll put up a few tents in the yard- there's 3 bedrooms in the house and only one bathroom so i think we'll rent a couple honey buckets for our guests. Also on the to-do list is to reserve some hotel rooms in nearby Kamloops. I plan to made my own cupcakes and have a top layer of wedding cake. I wanna get several long tables and have 2 or 3 rows on the front lawn
The location....
overlooking the lake.
2. I'm stilling living in Vancouver and working at VGH. It's expensive to live here but Johann's family is here and my sister and brother-in-law and my nephews live here and I spend a lot of time with them. just the other day Oscar said his best friends were "aunty Kee and uncle JOhann" so cute! Max is just over 2 months and as cute as a button..... 3. speaking of buttons I'm still working on my button jewellry. I have several wire button rings. I have a ton of buttons and jewelry courtesy of my aunt judith who passed away last fast (2011) she enjoyed and was talented at making eclectic jewelry. Every-time I make something new I think of here. I miss her very much. 4. We are living in the top floor of a house in south van- we love our neighbours, the quiet neighbourhood close to groceries, parks and bus and skytrain. I'v been taking the skytrain to work- I stopped biking to work in oct when it started raining everyday. The commute is great for me for getting to work, downtown, to see family. We own a car but JOhann uses it and I prefer transit. As much as we love it here it's expensive and we want to own our own home/house and it's cheaper to go to the fraser valley for that. We'll see what happens- our lease is up next september.... 5. Johann is working on getting his crane operator certification- tho he's been operating for over 10 years it's required- so lots of studying, paperwork and money to do this.....but his passion is developing his business for uav (multirotor) aerial videography business- his dad is helping him get a business plan going and to generate interest. We'll see what happens because once it becomes a successful business we can live anywhere!
Me and my nephews In just over 2 weeks I leave for honolulu with my family for 10 days.....and I have a whole month off!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

What's new in my zoo

Here's some fun random things that've happened to me: I got to participate in Nurse's appreciation week (well I was on days off) but I came to get my bag of goodies, learn about nursing opportunities in my hospital and ran into lots of work colleagues. I'v been biking to work everyday for the last few weeks (rain or shine)! I now bike from near UBC at our new house. I love it- biking allows me to get to work exactly when I want to get there (not relying on public transit). i was biking down 10th ave and this guy on a motorcycle called out to me " You know how fast you're going? 25 km/hr" vrooooom and sped off! Ha ha love it I found a store in kits that exclusively sells Trader Joe products- I love it- it's called Transilvania. The people that work there are so nice- they even sell bread from Portland! I've been busy making wire rings- selling some to to co-workers. Working on getting an Etsy account. Coming to a mailbox near you!
Johann and I with our dogs (we just borrowed them for this shot)
My cute nephew- he loves getting his picture taken!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buttons buttons

I've been making buttons earrings lately- so easy and they look amazing. I like to shop at a store in Gastown called Button Button it's a charming little store filled with- you guessed it: lots of buttons (glass, wooden, hand-painted, retro, gangster/bad ass, pearl, ect. you name it they have it. I was looking for smaller wooden buttons and they didn't have the size I wanted so I headed to Dress Sew on west hastings. That is where I hit the buttons jackpot- and so much cheaper/better deals. I got my most recent earring posts from Michael's craft store.

I'm trying to market these to co-workers and friends right now. My goal is to make at least one pair of earrings to suit/please all of my pierced-ears colleagues and friends. Got any suggestions/ideas about what you like? Leave your comments here and tell me what you'd like. Maybe I will start making other button jewellery too- necklaces, rings, ect.

My inspiration comes from my aunt Judith who was a crafter in many things including: woven items with the loom, button jewellery, broaches, knitting, ect. She passed away in fall 2011 and I was left with many of her antique buttons and her old jewellry making kits (organized in a huge tackle box). I hope I continue to experiment with various craft projects.

Monday, December 12, 2011

You look familiar...

Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else? i get that- a lot. Not because I'm an identical twin (I think we look pretty much alike) but in my everyday life as a nurse. I get a lot of "you remind me of my neighbour/cousin/friend". i have people tell me I remind them of people they grew up with- one of my friends Kim said I looked like the grown up version of girl from Elementary school in Cloverdale "Kiki" I think her name was. I take these recognitions as a compliment. I like that I remind people of someone familiar from there life, or the goofy kid from school, or their family member. It's a conversation starter as I share that I already have a twin but now I I have multiple twins!

Anyone else ever have this happen to you? Please share your comments below!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

the latest

View from our apartment in New West
it's been way to what has life looked like lately?

I'm excited to be going to Maui for the first time ever in Dec with Johann and his family! We leave right after my night shift on Dec.18th. I have visions of dinner cruises, scenic drives, playing tennis and getting tanned somewhere along the way. I already got a new bikini top!

I've been getting massages every two weeks and recently had physio. My body has been in some form of pain as long as I've worked in health care and it wasn't getting any better. Today I tried Bikrim yoga for the first time and - WOW- my back feels so good. There was a lot of nausea, head pounding and quivering muscles through it all but I'm going again tomorrow! Another nurse encouraged me to try it as she had a chronic injury that never felt better with physio, chiro and massage and since doing the Bikrim yoga she feels much better. I look forward to listening to my body as I try to give it what it needs.

I'm trying to cook more lately. it's so easy to get lazy and eat snacks/eat out, but it ends up being more costly and unhealthy. Some recipes I've tried:
1. Squash soup (made with squash, bartlett pears, cream and bacon)

2. chicken quesadillas

3.pumpkin bread (the muffins turned out better than the loaf which was uncooked in the middle.

At work I got to go to an education session about promoting change in the work place. We learned about different ways of going about it and did lots of brain storming and it was very eye opening, fun and high energy! There are a few of us who want to facilitate how to make something better on our unit (possibly improving our hand hygeine numbers). One of the phrases that stuck with me was "Please Do Something Anything- DSA (plan, do study, act) getting together with other nurses with shift work is proving to be the biggest challenge.