Friday, January 15, 2010

rain rain please go away

Lately it's been raining so much that I feel like it's literally dampening people's spirits. Even up in the ski hills they are getting rain, turning the snow to slush. Not good considering the Olympics are coming next month. But you know what, I'll bet you that come Feb the sun will shine, the air will be crisp and there will be fresh snow on the hills! People will come from all over the world and see how beautiful the west coast of Canada is. The music will be amazing, and there's going to be world class athletes in our city of Vancouver! The hospital will be busy (keep those broken bones and head injuries to a minimum athletes:) and on my days off I will be heading to a transformed David Lam Park (used to be all grass but they've put in bricks for the many feet to tread on it) I hope they restore the grass back we need our green space!!

On an other note we need the rain to keep the ground lush and green (but we don't need this much!)

A friend of my roomate and mine is staying with us for a few days to work at a Starbucks venue...

Oh and another random moment I ran into Henrik Sedin on the sea wall with his little son. I didn't talk to him I just gawked. Funny I don't even watch the Canucks but I know who the twins are (cause I'm a twin). Now I am paying a little more attention to the Canucks lately, thanks to Henrik:)

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