Friday, December 17, 2010

Here's some things happening in my life lately:

I got into the perioperative program (OR training), then just a few days ago found out that I didn't pass the online portion to move onto my full-time practicum. I was sad and upset as I didn't reapply for a position at VGH because I thought I was leaving. I also put on too much pressure on myself and never really got into the content- and doing an online course while working full-time is challenging! After the day I found out I just felt content, and that everhing would work out. So- now it seems I get to keep my current job (same line) and get to work with the most amazing staff at VGH! Who knows where the next path will take me...maybe homecare nursing or public health?

I think I may have to move. My allergies have been terrible and I get sick often. Johann seems immune to it all. We had a leak from a tub in the suite next door to us and the carpet got soaked- everything got fixed, just waiting to get the carpet cleaned (big water stain). I think living with carpet is not good for my health. So, since I won't be immersed in this program we might be looking for a new place to live. Possibly in a different neighborhood.

I do love my neighborhood- I live close to my sister and brother-in-law (Jamie) and my nephew plus close to my good friend Meliss and her husband. JOhann is now sharing a warehouse space to use for his model planes/blasting his music with Mel's husband and his brother (both of them are Jamie's brothers). I have been reconnecting with a friend I hadn't seen in 10 years who lives close to the hood. I also love the local library and community center- it's brand new and amazing!

I have decided to both buy and make christmas presents for everyone this year. I haven't really got into the gift aspect of the season, however I did decorate for Christmas back in November!

Johann and I are going to the Okanagan for Christmas! Two nights at the local ski hill with my friends Hil and Adrien. Then one night with my parents...

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