Monday, October 4, 2010

New season

the scandinave spa we retreated to in whistler...

It's been a while. Summer has come and gone and we're into my favorite season:Autumn. The brightly colored leaves, the chill in the air and the sunshine...something is different in the air: a new season of those starting school and new phases of life. My life is shifting as Johann is officially moving in! He has decided to get a storage locker for his model plane stuff, tools, extras as the one bedroom we share is not huge though I am a fan of the many closets.

I have been trying to make our place into a happy home- we have Johann's computer now, my mac tower I was using died so I decided to purchase a refurbished macbook! it arrives sometime this week and I am desperate to have my own computer again:) I am officially addicted to loving my first month free: favorite shows include Intervention, Hoarders, Drop dead diva....who knows what show I will watch next!

Joahnn and I just got back from an amazing weekend trip to Whistler where we ziplined, went to dinner at Araxia and on sunday we took in the Scandinave spa. What a nice refreshing end to our weekend.Picures to come later!And now I am at work working the first of 3 night shifts.

Looking forward to two turkey dinners next weekend: one with Johann's family and one with mine. Rach and Kris are hosting this year in their brand-new town house! Should be fun- baby Oscar (My nephew) and Oliver (rach's weiner dog) and all the husbands/boyfriend will be there.