Monday, February 1, 2010

What I've realized so far....

Went to see my mom's family in Tacoma,Wa this past weekend. I realized some things:

1. I am so much like my aunt Judy. I love to make jewelry; in the past she used to make decorative buttons, used a loom on a regular basis and she still knits. She is an adament recycler; I remember her yelling at us as kids if we threw out a can or bottle. Today I recycle nearly everything I consume and I cringe every-time someone chucks paper or a bottle in the trash. Yikes! She has traveled around the world and tells me she has no regrets. I am starting to get the travel bug and am thinking of teaching nursing as a volunteer in Bangledesh, India. Judith is currently on radiation and chemotherapy for her brain cancer (tumor removed in December) she has fiestyness and fire in her eyes to experience life in all it's fullness and I believe I am following suit. Judith and her Bill

2. I keep on having dreams about Alaska. I watch Northern exposures old dvd's every chance I get (from the library).One night I had a vivid dream I was on a cruise there with my close family and friends and the band "the be good tanyas" were playing. One of my visions for my life is that I end up there to visit. Well, my grandpa and my uncles have all fished in Alaska multiple times, they say the fishing is unbelievable. Grandpa subscribes to Alaska magazine and they have fond memories of the state. Grandpa and Uncle Steve

3. I am so lucky to have my amazing family in the US. I love each of them. My cousin Callie owns and operates her business with her mom (My aunt Pat) in Tacoma: Aparently gay men love their store.. Callie and aunt Pat on Sat in their store...

Jake, Judith Jennica and I at Jude's house

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