Monday, July 5, 2010

Been a while...

10 things I've been up to lately:

1. Spending time with my adorable nephew Oscar.

2.Spending Lots of time with my new boyfriend- he's Icelandic and I love that he's a crane operator who loves adventure. We've been zip lining in Whistler, on a ropes challenge course in Revelstoke, with plans for paragliding in August...perhaps I will ride on the glider with him once he's recertified...So- life is never dull with Johann. My parents love him, and I spent some time with his family at a cabin outside Kamploops last week: so much fun!

3. Went on a solo trip to the Olympic national park- saw several rain forests and hiked to some natural hotsprings.

4. Went to sasquatch music festival- had to get 4 stitches on the first day ( my little pinkie was bleeding from a knive wound when I was cooking at my campsite. Got the hospital bill: $1,071!! Filling out insurance paperwork now one month later!

5. I went to Denver,Co on my birthday to a Univera convention and got inspired, had fun and saw the Corporate team including the Korean founder! Danced at an 80's party that night.

6. Planting a garden- then Jen and jamie moved leaving our garden behind for the next tenants.

7. Been biking to work everyday- but I need to start doing it for fun- 10th ave everyday is nice but I need more. I need a sport: tennis anyone?

8. Had my first preceptorship student for 2 months. Learned lots about leadership and got to share my knowledge with her and learn from her as well.

9. Been doing lots of baking! Jennica gave me a cupcake cookbook for my birthday.

10. Using skype a lot-saving $$ on long distance charges. thinking of getting the new i-phone- face to face skype on it! Okay this is a lame number 10....

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  1. The two of you look adorable together.
    Girlie, you are lookin' good.