Monday, February 19, 2007

On being a twin...

I was thinking about what to write about this week when the thought occurred to me "Keegan- you need to write about what it's like being an identical twin". So here are my thoughts:

So- I walk onto the Trinity Western Campus (this was a few years ago when I'd first moved to the Fraser Valley, I was on crutches as I'd just had surgery). I don't attend Trinity but my twin sister, Jennica, does (she grads in May/June!). I look around, not expecting anyone to approach me. Then I see this handsome young man smiling at me LIKE HE KNOWS ME! Then the thought occurs to me: He thinks I am Jennica- to which I say "Um, you probably think I'm Jennica....." to which he awkwardly apologizes and walks away. As I pass by other people, I sense some dirty looks, some puzzled expressions and i am thinking "they think I am her and I am ignoring them- so now I am giving her a bad reputation! Oh and they think that Jennica has somehow injured herself. Rats. Okay- so another young man approaches- right away I explain that I in fact am not who he thinks- to which he replies "ACTUALLY I KNOW YOU- YOU'RE KEEGAN, AND I MET YOU AT A PARTY LAST WEEK." Okay, woops;) Somehow this twin thing is NOT helping me in the guy department- go figure...

My whole life thus far- as long as in the same proximity as Jenn is explaining that -no I am not her. And yes we are different people..It has worked out as a way to meet new people if I just don't say anything right away and have a nice conversation with the person without explaining who I am (don't you just wish that anytime you meet someone you could just skip the formalities and just really talk about life). Everyone asks the same questions: have you girls ever tricked anyone? Do you dress the same? Ever get in trouble as her? Have any weird twin moments? I entertain the questions but I think Jenn gets more of a kick out of it.

I find as I meet new people and share who I am- the fact that I am a twin does not come up- it used to be the first thing- but now if Jennica were to come to my church or school people who freak out and start thinking she was me.

I find that now the older the get the more unique and different I am from her- but at the same time we have our connection where we finish each other's sentences and don't talk because there is no need for words. I love that deep, best friend connection I have with her, there's nothing else like it.


  1. Wow. Cool post. Very insightful and interesting. I always wondered.....

  2. Thanks Keegs, you're such a sweet and wonderful sister!!