Sunday, February 4, 2007

bugs, morgues and music...

So this week I was going to go get my lunch from the locker room at the hospital, which happens to be right next to the morgue. No biggy- I've been passing the morgue for almost 3 years now so it doesn't really bother me. Except one of my classmates pointed out a big spider coming out from under the door, which apparently had been there since the morning! So, it kinda made me a little freaked out, thinking about all the creepy things lying beyond the door, dead bodies and whatnot. Ok- so doom forward to Saturday night: I am enjoying some live classical music at an old church in Chilliwack. I am relaxed, loving the tunes, the atmosphere, everything - I am drinking it all in....then I notice it. A ladybug which, by count of the dots is an elderly specimen. I am a little freaked out cause it appeared on the back of this older guy's coat. I was no longer even hearing the music- but am watching this little bug crawl over this man's jacket! I am thinking "a ladybug in February! I never knew they exist!" and then as it flew away and landed on his wife's back, I was creepily reminded of the big morgue spider.....then it starts making it's way to her not the hair! I planned my move- I would flick it off to the ground. I ended up sending it to the floor with not even a flinch from the woman- she had no then I had to see where the little bug landed- and couldn't find him, and felt I could not rest in peace and enjoy the rest of the show until I found it on the floor. So, the kid at the end of the row had been watching my antics and the bug- and he pointed out the ladybug shortly after- whereupon I was able to relax and enjoy the show. My old guitar teacher was on the classical guitar (and in a tux), a Russian man was on the oboe, and this young woman was on the piano- they played some 17th century Mozart, and other artist I can't remember or spell. Best of all I got in for free! UCFV students get in for free to the Chilliwack Academy of Music concerts- so student out there keep your ears and eyes open for the next concert.

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