Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buttons buttons

I've been making buttons earrings lately- so easy and they look amazing. I like to shop at a store in Gastown called Button Button it's a charming little store filled with- you guessed it: lots of buttons (glass, wooden, hand-painted, retro, gangster/bad ass, pearl, ect. you name it they have it. I was looking for smaller wooden buttons and they didn't have the size I wanted so I headed to Dress Sew on west hastings. That is where I hit the buttons jackpot- and so much cheaper/better deals. I got my most recent earring posts from Michael's craft store.

I'm trying to market these to co-workers and friends right now. My goal is to make at least one pair of earrings to suit/please all of my pierced-ears colleagues and friends. Got any suggestions/ideas about what you like? Leave your comments here and tell me what you'd like. Maybe I will start making other button jewellery too- necklaces, rings, ect.

My inspiration comes from my aunt Judith who was a crafter in many things including: woven items with the loom, button jewellery, broaches, knitting, ect. She passed away in fall 2011 and I was left with many of her antique buttons and her old jewellry making kits (organized in a huge tackle box). I hope I continue to experiment with various craft projects.

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