Monday, November 14, 2011

the latest

View from our apartment in New West
it's been way to what has life looked like lately?

I'm excited to be going to Maui for the first time ever in Dec with Johann and his family! We leave right after my night shift on Dec.18th. I have visions of dinner cruises, scenic drives, playing tennis and getting tanned somewhere along the way. I already got a new bikini top!

I've been getting massages every two weeks and recently had physio. My body has been in some form of pain as long as I've worked in health care and it wasn't getting any better. Today I tried Bikrim yoga for the first time and - WOW- my back feels so good. There was a lot of nausea, head pounding and quivering muscles through it all but I'm going again tomorrow! Another nurse encouraged me to try it as she had a chronic injury that never felt better with physio, chiro and massage and since doing the Bikrim yoga she feels much better. I look forward to listening to my body as I try to give it what it needs.

I'm trying to cook more lately. it's so easy to get lazy and eat snacks/eat out, but it ends up being more costly and unhealthy. Some recipes I've tried:
1. Squash soup (made with squash, bartlett pears, cream and bacon)

2. chicken quesadillas

3.pumpkin bread (the muffins turned out better than the loaf which was uncooked in the middle.

At work I got to go to an education session about promoting change in the work place. We learned about different ways of going about it and did lots of brain storming and it was very eye opening, fun and high energy! There are a few of us who want to facilitate how to make something better on our unit (possibly improving our hand hygeine numbers). One of the phrases that stuck with me was "Please Do Something Anything- DSA (plan, do study, act) getting together with other nurses with shift work is proving to be the biggest challenge.

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