Friday, May 11, 2012

What's new in my zoo

Here's some fun random things that've happened to me: I got to participate in Nurse's appreciation week (well I was on days off) but I came to get my bag of goodies, learn about nursing opportunities in my hospital and ran into lots of work colleagues. I'v been biking to work everyday for the last few weeks (rain or shine)! I now bike from near UBC at our new house. I love it- biking allows me to get to work exactly when I want to get there (not relying on public transit). i was biking down 10th ave and this guy on a motorcycle called out to me " You know how fast you're going? 25 km/hr" vrooooom and sped off! Ha ha love it I found a store in kits that exclusively sells Trader Joe products- I love it- it's called Transilvania. The people that work there are so nice- they even sell bread from Portland! I've been busy making wire rings- selling some to to co-workers. Working on getting an Etsy account. Coming to a mailbox near you!
Johann and I with our dogs (we just borrowed them for this shot)
My cute nephew- he loves getting his picture taken!

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