Friday, July 24, 2009

my summer adventures so far...

So JUly has been a month of accomplishing things I've always wanted to try, reconnecting with family and making new friends. I've spent nearly everyday hanging out or talking with Jennica (my twin sister). It seems now that we are practically neighbors and both have July off we are talking on our adventures together! I also went to vancouver folk fest and met a bunch of people, had some beers with them on west 4th on friday night after the first evening concerts were done. The next day I ran into them (minus 3 people) and we spent the rest of the day listening to Dan Mangan, Great Lake Swimmers, the Proclaimers, and Steven Page. So much fun! The next day it was just Russ and me and we had fun going from stage to stage (there were 7 stages). We really hit it off and after the festival ended we made plans to meet on thursday (last night).

MOnday I took a ferry over to the Sunshine coast with a few friends from chilliwack and we went kayaking all day then had dinner at one of the girl's mom's house. Next we had some wine and cheese and went in a hot tub in the woods at our bed and breakfast. We had a good sleep and ate a pancake breakfast before going on hike to see a beutiful view of the ocean from above. Wednesday night I biked to the fireworks to Vanier park to watch with jennnica and jamie's friends. The highlight for me was the actual fireworks and beating all the pedestrians and cars on our bicycles and making great time! On my date with Russ we went on a nice date to Granville island Theater sports (another event I always wanted to see). Then we had a late dinner on the docks overlooking the boats at "Bridges" it's situated between burrard and granville bridges on grandville island.

The adventures continue as I am headed to MIssion Folk fest today with my roomates and Russ might meet up with me tonight to catch the shows. Me, Jennica and my younger sister who's coming out on monday to visit us are doing dinner and a movie! it will be nice to have the 3 sisters together again!

Next on the list is going to the island with jennica hoping to meet up with our friend amy to go to Tofino! Camp there for a night or 2, then spend some time with amy and her family and head to Thetis Island for camp! I will be the camp nurse and amy's family will be running the camp for the week for 12-14 year olds at a camp called pioneer pacific.

sorry no pics as I have no camera now (haven't for a couple months now, I lost it).

bye all- leave comments about your summer adventures!

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