Friday, July 3, 2009

in a new city now!

Vancouver: I have arrived! Thursday I drove the half-tonne Budget truck from Vancouver to Chilliwack, packing it up then driving back to Van. I had my faithful helpers on both sides.

Rewind for a moment: I spend a wonderful day on Canada day celebrating in, of all places, Vancouver! I did some bus hopping and walking to Granville island with Meliss, then we went to a back yard bbq fundraiser for an arts magazine starting in September. Every singe guy I talked to (and I talked to at least 7 of them) were gay. I had the best conversations and everyone was so friendly and approachable. I told people I was going to be moving to Vancouver and I look forward to seeing many of these people again at future events. I told one guy I might even check out his boyfriend's drag queen show in October!

So now here I am, boxes unpacked, pictures to be hung on the wall. I spent today on my bicycle with jennica biking to kits beach so much fun that I live so close to such amazing people: tonight I get to see my 3 brothers (jamie included), my friends hil and adrian, and jennica!

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