Monday, October 20, 2008

Denver- day 1

Parts of of it reminded me of Europe, like cherry creek that leads into the Plett river on my way to REI. I thought it was a fake creek though it was beautiful I could've sworn I smelt a hint of chlorine. My tour of the US mint was mostly lame/non-interesting other than the beautiful architecture and meeting a cool couple from Alberta while I was in line. I don't really care how pennies are made and I'm not a mad coin collector.

I met lots of wonderful, friendly people. Including the owner of "Triage" not a medical supply store as i thought- it sold high end men's suits and ties, ect. The owner, David was really nice and helpful. I bought a copy of the Denver Voice- a newspaper helping the homeless get off the stress by contributing stories and selling the paper themselves. I contributed $5 I had found earlier on the back of a toilet I used at the bus station. I called it my "toilet money" I didn't realize/know if that was the actual bill I gave the guy but it went to a good cause.

I loved the Denver Art Museum from the architecture to the modern sculpures and artwork, the paintings of Colorado were beautiful. Of course there was some shocking pieces, but isn't there always something shockworthy in art museums? sometimes I feel I am too numbed to the the truth of art.

i had a "cob" salad, really just a chef salad at quizno's - yum.

So many bicycles, runners and people who love nature- especially at REI as I sit writing this. i hear Colorado has 300 days of sunshine in a year- what am I doing in the west coast- I need to move here the weather is AMAZING! Maybe, I'll see what's in the future for me.

one more random story is the security guy at the us mint who told me I couldn't bring in my bag with me for the tour but that they couldn't store it for me and I had no options as I had no where to put it- then he winks as me and tells me "you know there are some REALLY good books on the 5th floor or the library, you should check it out......and I'm thinking why is this guy winking at me and talking about books when that doesn't solve my problem here!? Then after he repeated this over and over- I finally got it -- I went there to solve this "mystery" and found free lockers right there by the study carolls! he couldn't say anything b/c he was on camera and apparently not supposed to tell ppl about this "secret spot"... well I should be detective now- I picked up on his code.....

nect entry to comoe: Boulder (where I sit in a coffee shop here writing this...

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