Monday, October 20, 2008

Boulder, Co day 2

Well i was pretty tired out while in Boulder as it took me 1 1/2 hrs of cycling to get into town- I took an old country road and then followed the Boulder river trail which led me to the University of Colorado campus. I then bike further into town to get some lunch at "the Laughing Goat"- as I walked in there were at least 5 ppl on their mac laptops on the left side of the cafe, with another 5 ppl on the right on their pc laptops. I took a lame pic of the mac side and sat in the middle. I saw so many university-type ppl with their books and computers and dressed in their eco-friendly emo-like decor. I felt like I wasn't the weird one anymore- maybe i fit in a little bit...(maybe it was like a transplant of ethical addictions abbotsford brought to colorado).
Next stop was Pearl st open air mall where you can walk down several blocks and there are no cars or buses allowed, just pedestrians. I walked and shopped a bit, picking up a few souvenirs. I got a short video clip of a guy playing on the piano in the center of it all with all the leaves falling around with the colors of autumn immersed everywhere. It was stunning. I met a guy named Jacob, a photographer and got him to take a pic of me with my camera in the square. We started chatting and walking and before I knew it he was snapping photos of me with his camera. I felt like a beautiful model/muse in the midst of a stunning atmosphere.

Next stop was the Dushanbee tea house- it was a sit down restaurant with good tea- I had the mint tea which I wish I had tried something different and new but hey I can't always be so adventurous I needed to taste something familiar.

Oh I forgot to mention the university student I met named Mike- when I told him I was from BC he promptly asked me if I wanted to "smoke up" with him and his roomate. I told him I didn't know what that meant, then when he told me I said I don't smoke marijuana- i don't need it I'm chill enough already- he seemed surprised. He thought everyone in BC smoked weed. I'm pretty sure our weed is better than his anyways....

I then got info and had a "self-guided" tour of Boulder Community hospital, a gorgeous facility I'd love to work in- it's independently-run- maybe the kind of hospital i hope to work at in the future after I moved to Colorado which I totally want to now!!

I took the bus back to Layfayette after I had a nap under a tree at Chautauqua- and area with hiking and grassy hills, lot of trees and some historic buildings. I'd spent most of the day on ingrid's bike so I was pretty tired, i went straight to meet her at the bank where she works and we went out for dinner with her co-workers. Another late night....

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