Sunday, August 26, 2007

my summer....

Randy and I went for lunch at a winery in Naramata

so this summer has been a real change for me. I worked full time at the hospital for a couple of months, then had surgery on my foot, spending most of july recovering, then late july and early august I went to Creation fest (!!) and was a camp counsellor for a week on thetis island. I also caught up with some old friends, boyfriends, ect on the island and in the okanagan (where I grew up). I have spend most of august gardening and landscaping, which is hard work, but it keeps me active as I am not working till sept (can't work till 9 weeks post-op) so basically I've make no money for the last 2 months which is why I have all this free time and and I am not taking any extra trips :( too bad it's either time of money that seems to get in the way. So now I am going to catch up on some summer reading seeing as it's raining now, and do some pre-reading before school starts (if I can get my butt over to the school bookstore) the pace and flow has been nice, I've been able to help people out with babysitting and odd jobs, ect. I would like to go camping before school starts but I want to go with friends and they all seem too busy these days (unlike me) but starting sept that will change! yeah I am so excited to be graduated in june '08!
visiting Aaron on the island


  1. WHAT???????????!!!!!!!! Pre-readings? You actually do those?

    My ears are burning.

  2. actually I mean well but I usually don't get to them :) so you must be in school already eh? hope you're enjoying your long weekend