Monday, June 18, 2007

so it's my birthday

sorry I haven't written on here for ages....blame it on facebook....

so I have been busy working ad an undergrad nurse- working 12 hour shifts (2 days, 2 nights, then 4 days off) since the beginning of May. I finish next week as I will be having foot surgery and off for 9 weeks:( so money making will be put off (maybe a little respite care to tide me over) and then it's time for Creation Fest at the end of July and before that visiting with my parents in Penticton. I hope to do a trip to victoria in august and even visit Thetis island again (maybe even volunteer at Pioneer pacific camp for a week if I can do office work).

So as the headline suggests I just turned 28 on June the 17th!! I don't celebrate until tonight though (monday ) I am going kayaking at Harrison lake with friends then coming back to the house for a desert party- I'm expecting around 16 people over. So I will be baking this morning (after I get my butt into bed it's 1 am...) and I am sooooo excited. I got off work at midnight (special request I made to my boss) and I went down to Emergency to see my friend Devin and her and some staff sang the birthday song to me!! I actually blushed (even though I pretty much asked them to sing it for me).

well I better hit the hay, but hey everyone hope all is well!

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