Wednesday, December 20, 2006

jennica likes the high scores...

jennica likes the high scores..., originally uploaded by KeeganS.

Jennica and I spent monday afternoon in vancouver- we shopped, went to Granville island, had dinnner on commercial drive, and went to a poetry slam where we were randomly selected to be one of the five judges (we were asked to judged poetry!? It was a fun day for sure...


  1. So funny that when I first saw this picture I knew it wasn't you. Even though you are twins you still have distinct differences. Very interesting isn't it? My mom's an identical twin and even looking back at old pics I can still tell them appart although most can't. Tiny, suttle difference. But how wonderful that you can share the same DNA but still be unique.

  2. yes- we are each very unique- sometimes people say that all 3 of us girls looks like triplets (I will post a pic of my younger sis -rachel). have a merry christmas and welcome to third year!!