Thursday, November 2, 2006

This is the boy I love!

He is nearly two- and he makes a great roomie!! I love you Z you make me smile, dance, and do crazy things. I can't wait for your birthday coming up soon!! So I live with two of my best friends (married) and their 23 month old son- Z. Here are some of the amazing things I love about living here: After studying in my room I hear the doorknob jiggling- it's Z and once again he's managed to open the child safety thing on my door in he comes saying "De-Dee" which is my name (Keegi to his parents). He climbs onto my bed and jumps for a bit- sometimes I give him airplane rides (remember getting those when we were kids?). The I put on Feist's song "Mushaboom" and we dance and laugh at ourselves in the mirror. Sometimes he comes and sits on my lab while I am working on the computer (but he really just wants to push the buttons). Living with my friends and their son is one of the greatest things I could have done- where else can I be a kid again- playing with play dough, dancing to silly songs, and going to the park to actually play! These are just some of the things I love about living here. Below are some pics I took of Z in my room. I like to try my hats on him- he is very photogenic:) Don't you just love the elmo slippers??!


  1. I love the hat and the elmo slippers!!! They are better than my Sponge Bob slippers! Hope you are having a good semester!

    Gillian :)

  2. thanks Gillian! My semester is going good- I think I have gotten over the heart break from September;) I miss you- I will have to give you a call next time I am in van. You have my chilliwack info?


  3. Ok seriously, I love the biting pic. That's a good laugh out loud.