Sunday, November 19, 2006

care group girls night(click on pic for more flickr pics)

perfect:), originally uploaded by KeeganS.

we decided to take a break from our study on purity to watch sleeping beauty. We all brought our fav snacks, this girl Amanada french braided my hair (I haven't had one done since I was 13- a looonnng time ago as I am 27 now....)


  1. Girls nights are so much fun especially the part of the night when hair gets braided!!!! I miss having long enough hair for the french looks awesome by the way!

  2. thanks Gillian- hey I write my last final on dec.13th- we should get together after then!!! OUr own girls night :)


  3. Deal! My last class is on the 13th and I am around Vancouver all Christmas break (I have a vehicle so I can even come to Chilliwack!) I will try to remember to email you soon and we can work out the details then. Good Luck on exams!!

    Gilly :)