Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it's been awhile, I don't know if anyone even notice though...

I just wrote my last final for nursing this morning! who hooo! That's the last one I will write for the nursing program (except for the 8 hour RN exam in June that's province-wide). So, I am one exam away from being done this semester (I have a philosophy final tomorrow). I will be heading off on Friday to Regina to meet my family (by plane) where my younger sister will be graduating from RCMP Depot training. For some reason I am really excited to be in Regina, last I heard it was -11 Celcuis, no doubt they have snow~ I am also planning to donate blood my first morning there- it's blocks away from my hotel! I can't convince my twin sister to donate, apparently she gets queasy (sounds like some of my other friends....). There are in desperate need for blood donations especially during the christmas season. www.bloodservices.ca

oh and i will be preceptoring in palliative care (taking care of the dying) it's my final practicum where I have a preceptor/mento nurse I work with full time- 12 hour shifts for 16 weeks. All for free - as in I'm not getting paid.... I work my last few undergrad (paid) shifts this christmas break.

A funny note about this semester- so I taught about 70 grade 10 students (35 at a time) about sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDs and how to protect themselves, mostly scared them with my graphic pictures and shocking statistics and facts. I was teaching in a small auditorium! So- picture me teaching with these giant disgusting pictures on the projection screen! I had a box of 144 condoms and I handed out at least half of the box, now i had been storing them in my room, and put a bunch in these cute paper things that folded with the condom inside- it included some facts and pics of how to put on a condom. Well, over the last couple of weeks I keep finding condoms in weird places in my room! Under my bed, behind my dressser. I had my guy friend over and I think seeing all these condoms make him a little uncomfortable! So many condoms for someone who is definately NOT having sex ( I choose to be a virgin for now, I am waiting for the right one to marry...)

Other than that I plan to go snow shoeing at Manning park after christmas (before I start my preceptorship), and I hope to do something fun for New Years, so if anyone has a fabulous party to invite me to call me! or better yet- blog me!

I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas season spent with people you love. Be safe, be merry, and blessed!


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