Tuesday, May 1, 2007

yeah- school is over!!!...for the summer.

To celebrate I invited some friends over for some mexican lassagne! I decided to make it meatless (ground soy) instead of ground beef. We had some good food, wine, dancing and good entertainment by damien who did some magic tricks. Jacob was quite impressed with the magic. Living with a magician has it's benefits. Michele (damien's wife) is now officially on maternity leave so we celebrated this new transiton of getting ready for baby #2 in the next couple weeks. So- I toasted to that as well. Drew and Lisa came and did some swing dancing for us in the living room, and Devon did some "interpretive" dancing for us and brought some sweet tunes with him, and he helped me set up my speakers and subwoofer upstairs. Charlene spend the whole day with kids at the preschool, then came over before dinner and played with Zave and we picked tulips to decorate. Zave had the BEST time dancing with everyone, doing soumersaults and entertaining us all- I think he most enjoyed the desert! This house hasn't seen such action in a loooong time! It was a great end to a stressful semester and school, and the night ended with me feeling quite blessed to live with day and michele and zave, and I feel grateful for the amazing friends I've made in chilliwack.

on the couch l to ro: Devon, Damien and Michele. Sitting l to r: Jacob, me and Charlene.

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