Monday, April 23, 2007

So, life had been busy lately. I am just finishing up school with a 6 day course on the Cnd Health Care system. Dry, boring stuff but the instructor is interesting. Funny how the 2 male instructors I've had in the nursing program have been homosexual...not that I stereotype male RN's to have that sexual orientation, it's just a coincidence. I have met many male RN's that defy the typical stereotype of what a male nurse is like. Okay enough on that topic.

I have been pondering about life lately since my friend Kim passed away suddenly on April 2nd in an avalanche. When I found out I thought I was going to be sick. Now that I've had time to process it I have been thinking about what a wonderful, full live she lived, even though it was cut short. I have never lost someone close to me- though I didn't see Kim that often I thought of her many times when she was alive and even more since she's been gone. What I've taken away from the situation was that you have to pursue your dreams and not waste any time. Tell your family and friends you love them and show them love. Live life knowing what legacy you want to leave behind. Know that relationships are so important, especially one with God. There is more to it than this but I can't seem to even find the words......

I am going to be working as an undergrad nurse in palliative care (end of life care) and acute care. I am excited to be able to work on the skills I've learned so far in the program. I will be working full time- 12 hour shifts- 4 on 4 off....just like a real nurse!! whoo hooo- and getting paid!

so I will leave you with some pics taken from my Easter weekend with my family- in Milton, Wa and some were taken in Gig Harbour, Wa.

I love you all!

Riding the coin operated horse!!
In Gig Harbour wiht Jennica. Yup- it was slighly raining that day and i was wearing a sarong....

My cousin Callie on the left (short hair) and cousin Jake sitting next to me..along with my sisters and brother-in-law.

Sampling some beer from a microbrewery in Tacoma, Wa. Yup- I still don't like beer...

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. Amazing how it changes your perspective on life, hey? You're gonna love being a UGN I've already worked 4 in a row and it's so totally different than the student role. Seriously, you're gonna love the autonomy. Good heads up for the Canadian health care class. Yuck. We have to take that at the end of August. Again, yuck.